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Wild West Realty is a commercial real estate firm providing integrated management and Real Estate services in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We provide ongoing support to best find solutions for specific needs in the office, industrial, retail, multi-family and restoration areas. With a broad scope of industry knowledge, we take a very hands on approach in having the ability to recognize specific niche opportunities respective to the needs of the client. Our belief "Producing is not about making something, its about making something other people though couldn't happen".

We provide service in the following areas:

  • Analysis & Planning
  • Property Sales & Land Acquisitions
  • Office, Retail and Commercial Leasing
  • Consulting Management
  • Building Restoration

315 Deercliff Rd. SE. Calgary, Alberta T2J 5K6
Phone: (403) 233-7717   Fax: (403) 233-7714    Email:

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